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1) I have known Dr. Li for some considerable time. I have always been so grateful for the treatment Dr. Li gave me for the severe pain in my back. I couldn’t imagine how acupuncture was going to help me!! I had seen the x-ray of my spine and the bones were looking so out of place - how could those needles possibly cure the chronic pain I was suffering?


Well I can say, with hand on my heart, that the treatment was fantastic. I went from hardly being able to stand up straight, to dancing out of the treatment room, twisting round in circles and yelling out really loudly how good I felt.


I can only add to that statement: Dr. Li is a miracle worker – put your trust in her and let her work her magic – it’s fantastic.


---- Betty Goodwin


2) My husband was a chronic hay-fever sufferer. Each year he would be crippled by the effects of pollen in the air during the Spring and Summer seasons. It was really frustrating to see him go through this with no obvious remedy in sight. He would be house bound, and quite often bed-ridden, during the most beautiful times of the year. My husband tried so many different ways to treat this problem, all to no avail. Pharmaceutical drugs would quite often leave him feeling drowsy. Other herbal remedies did not appear to be as effective for the severity of his condition. Dr Li administered a treatment of Chinese herbal medicine and a course of acupuncture sessions. My husband is now not only no longer suffering, but able to get out and enjoy walking through gardens, parks and the great outdoors without even so much as a sneeze. Dr. Li's TCM treatment has proven to be extremely effective in curing my husband from what was a debilitating ailment.


As for me, I had a severe sciatica problem. I was in excruciating pain and was unable to walk, stand or sit down without an immense amount of discomfort. Dr. Li was able to treat this condition most efficiently and effectively with a course of acupuncture and massage. I had experienced a sciatica problem in the past and it took many, many months to resolve through physiotherapy, sports massages and an exercise programme to rebuild strength and balance in my body - I had even tried chiropractic therapy, which did not help. Dr. Li rectified this condition for me in a matter of weeks and I am now able to return to the physically active life that I led before I incurred this problem.


3)I have suffered from severe temporal lobe epilepsy since I was 15 years old. I have been on western medicine since and am now 44. I was introduced to Dr. Li just over three years ago when I was being treated for Candida and IBS which had made me house bound with severe bouts of diarrhoea (up to 36 times a day)leaving me very weak and starving me to death, and impacting on epilepsy, which has deteriorated year on year.


When I began treatment at the Chinese medicine practice I was not being seen by Dr.Li but it quickly became apparent that the doctor treating me could not cope with the severity of my seizures occurring during treatment which was bending acupuncture needles and causing me internal injuries whilst unconscious.


That doctor just looked on so I was transferred to Dr. Li. Dr. Li was able to negate the worst effects of the seizures whilst being treated by applying pressure to given points around the face and body. This brought the seizure to a halt and reduced the recovery time to coincide with the treatment time. Over time I have been cured of Candida and the worst effects of IBS plus my epilepsy has been greatly reduced in its severity and frequency.


Thanks to Dr. Li’s continued treatment and caring, I am now able to lead a more normal life and hope to rejoin my colleagues as a business analyst - project manager.


Many thanks to Dr Li


--- Peter McBeath


4) Very many thanks to Dr. Ding who magically cured the eczema of my two children. I don't know how to express my appreciation - you are an angel from the god to save my family.


My children were both born to have eczema. When I do not keep an eye on them, they would scratch their skin badly, sometimes scratched to bleeding. I took them to see the GP and private consultants, but none of the medicines given by them, orally or externally, has been effective. I also took my older son Kevin to see a Chinese medicine doctor when he was a few months old, however, it was also disappointing.


Now Kevin is 9 years old, but his eczema was getting worse. Some of the skin on his legs turned darker with lots of bruise due to the scratching, which really frightened me. The bedsheet and duvet used by him had stain everywhere. Sometimes he would wake up in mid-night and run to my room crying, which made me feel like crying... Kevin doesn't like summer, especially in the school as he said all his classmates laughed at his ugly legs.


Then I was introduced to Dr. Ding by a friend. I couldn't believe, that within a month since Kevin started seeing you, his eczema completely stopped irritating him. He doesn't feel itch anymore, and his previous scratching marks are now gradually disappearing.


How much I wish I had known Dr. Ding earlier, and my children and I I would not have had so many sleepless nights.


We will thank Dr. Ding again when we come to London this summer during the school holidays. Again Dr. Ding thank you for your wonderful eczema treatment!


5) Since my treatment, my lower back has become more supple. I came with a very stiff lower back. I can now bend down to tie my shoe laces. I came for a bad pain in my left knee. This is now much more mobile – I can move downstairs without pain. It has been a very pleasant experience to visit Chinaturally.


--- Ms. Marie


6) Since seeing Dr. Ding, I am delighted to say I feel so much better. I have a lot more energy each day. My skin and dark circles have improved considerably. I also was treated for IBS and most of my symptoms have disappeared. I can strongly recommend Dr. Ding and I have great faith in her ability.


--- Anonymous


7) Dr. Li has given me acupuncture for my arthritis. She has treated the painful swelling on my knees, which has now disappeared completely, allowing me to move easily again without stiffness, which is absolutely marvellous. She has also given me an acupuncture 'facial' which got rid of the puffiness around my eyes. I came out of her surgery feeling wonderful and I am very grateful to Dr. Li and her staff for making me feel at ease in such a professional way.


--- John


8) I have never been a good sleeper, and by the age of 45, I found that prescription pills would not work any more. I would be wide awake at 3am at most nights and struggle to fall asleep again. I've tried various therapies over the years. I visited sleep disorder centres, tried prescription medication and various natural herbs from the health food stores, listened to soothing music, and even tried the brain wave therapy. All to no avail.


At desperation, I tried acupuncture with Dr. Li at China Naturally through a friend’s recommendation. The treatment worked from the very first session and my sleeping has improved immensely since. I could easily go back to sleep even after waking up in the morning at 7am! I used to hate needles but I have to say that the much feared and dreaded acupuncture treatment has been actually quite a pleasant and relaxing experience. I am so thankful to have Dr. Li as my doctor and would take every opportunity to refer her to anyone who needs truly expert treatment.


9) I have always been grateful for the treatment I received from the doctors at China Naturally. I had been suffering from gastric disorders for the past 4-5 years, and undergone various treatment without obvious improvement. Now not only have my symptoms been eliminated, my other minor ailments which I had not bothered seem to have disappeared. Thank you to the staff at China Naturally; you made my life healthier and happier!


--- Tim S


10) China Naturally alternative therapy clinic in Richmond has very friendly staff and the treatment was a great success.


--- Renee C


11) I suffered from eczema which had been giving me months of discomfort. I had 3 weeks of herbal tea prescribed by Dr. Ding. I am now fully recovered! She is a wonderful and very pleasant doctor, so does the other staff at China Naturally. I would not hesitate to recommend China Naturally to anyone who needs expert healthcare.


--- Katy


12) I have been seeing Dr. Li on a regular basis for several months now. She has been taking good care of my disorders, arthritis, lower back pain, insomnia, and diabetes. You name it, she can treat it! Dr. Li has given me relief from symptoms that I thought to be incurable. I trusted her most among all Chinese medicine practitioners. I tell everyone to see Dr. Li when they need treatment


--- Anonymous


13) My son is 7 years old. Till a few months back, he would regularly wet his bed at night. This had started bothering me as I was planning to put him in a boarding school soon. Doctors just kept reassuring me that it would go away as he grew up, but nothing seemed to change. I heard about Dr. Li from a neighbour, and brought him to see her. My son was prescribed some herbal medicine by Dr. Li, he also received Chinese massage at each visit. Within 3 weeks, my son had stopped bedwetting completely. This has brought such a great relief to our family. Many thanks to Dr. Li


--- Anonymous


14) When I first came to China Naturally, I was suffering from stress, eczema and IBS. But after seven weeks of herbs and a course of acupuncture, I have seen a dramatic improvement and most of my symptoms have gone. Having lived with these conditions for many years, the relief has been unbelievable. I am truly thankful to the doctors at China Naturally, and have no hesitation in recommending their treatment.


--- N. J. Gardiner


15) I visited China Naturally initially to seek treatment for my insomnia. Many thanks to Dr. Ding for her acupuncture treatment. I now not only stopped taking sleeping pills, but can really feel the difference on my face. It looks smoother and uplifted. The procedure was not only painless but surprisingly relaxing. I also feel more energetic after the treatment


--- Mr David


16) Thank you to the wonderful Dr. Ding at China Naturally. Now my husband and I are the proud parents of a healthy and beautiful baby. We received infertility treatment from Dr. Sun at China Naturally in 2011 with herbs and acupuncture. I still remember how desperate my husband and I were when we first met Dr. Ding, after 2 rounds of IVF treatment without success. We nearly gave up our hopes and were thinking of adopting a child, but then we saw an article featuring infertility treatment with Chinese Medicine. We were so lucky to walk into the doors of China Naturally and meet Dr. Ding! With her treatment, I not only became pregnant naturally, but also felt so much more healthy and better with my body. Now we continue to visit Dr. Ding whenever we have ailments, as that is the best place we can put my trust in getting our health back!


--- Mrs. I. Kolenski


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